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The Visomax concept allows you to eliminate any defects post-painting in no time at all, with just two steps involved: a sanding phase and a buffing phase. And all with very few products used. Mounted on a mobile structure on castors, the station has a wall of light on its facial side that has been specially designed to detect any defects (dust, grains, etc.) using a colour and intensity regulator (hot, cold or mixed). On its rear section, the serving trolley is used to hold all of the necessary equipment, including any consumables.

The electrical equipment has all been sourced from major industry, ensuring high performance levels and shortened working intervals. This means that significantly less energy is used in comparison to pneumatic units. Lastly, user comfort is enhanced thanks to the lightweight nature of the machinery and the extremely low noise disturbance levels.

  • • A double-sided light wall, one side at an angle of 90° and one at an angle of 45°, with 4 intensity regulators
  • A tool serving trolley: 3 drawers, 1 door
  • A 1” electric sander
  • A 3” off-centre buffing machine
  • A Polinator, a 150 mm off-centre electric buffing machine, 21 mm off-centre
  • Power supply for all machines
  • A 10m cable is included, enabling all equipment to be supplied
  • A coiled cable for working safely with a high degree of flexibility
  • Protection fuses
  • A special cavity used to store flasks on the work surface (up to 6 flasks)
  • Machine supports included
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