RRG opened a factory VO in the North Department

<strong style="color: #1f8cad; text-align: justify;">La préparation et le reconditionnement des VO font l’objet de toutes les attentions. Depuis quelques semaines, RRG a ouvert une Factory VO dans le département du Nord.</strong>

The North of France, new land for the preparation of used vehicles? While PSA will implement a new site of preparation VO in Hordain (59), that Norauto joins the GGP group to do the same, it is the turn of rrg to launch a factory vo near Lille, still in the Department of the North.

" The volume of sales of second-hand vehicles is growing at RRG and the hours billed in our workshops are also on the rise. It is primarily for RRG to optimise the renovation of used vehicles and to relieve our business by freeing up space in the after-sales of establishments , explains Manuel Laronha, project manager factory vo at Renault Retail group.

The group, a distribution subsidiary of Renault, advances the balance sheet of 185 000 new vehicles sold in 2018 and 140 000 used vehicles, of which 80 000 have been to private individuals, up by 60% compared to 2013. A volume of renovation which, today, can not be absorbed by the shops of sales sites under pain to slow the interventions for the particular customers. " However, we want to push the quality of reception and service for the customers of the workshop in our business ", advances Manuel Laronha.

This is not the first factory VO to be seen in the Renault distribution subsidiary. In Pierrelaye (95), a dedicated site has been in existence for 19 years serving as a rear base for part of the RRG sites. But the one that has just opened its doors seems to have an organization and a process that makes it much more productive. " This is a workshop like any other " defends Manuel Laronha but it is true that the process is optimized. Our goal is to reduce the time between ordering and delivery to the maximum . "

Preparation time reduced to maximum

IMG 4593 HDR 2 2 300x200-RRG opened a factory VO in the North Department

Without actually giving a goal, the latter recognizes however that sometimes three weeks flow in total between these two moments. A six-day term is considered a very good flow, the project manager of factory VO argues that in reality 6 hours of labor, in General, are sufficient to prepare a VO. This is to crush all the time-outs of the preparation.

In this new site, used vehicles, are therefore washed, expertized, prepared in mechanics in order to follow the recommendations of the label, sent in bodywork if necessary. Two booths of paints allow to absorb the flows, the first treats the complete vehicles while the second manages the isolated parts (bumper, wings...). But hard to know the flow more precisely, the secrets of the organization remain well guarded. The final stage being composed of photos, without proposing the 360 °, more difficult to accept on the sites of intermediaries.


The site opened for a few weeks employs 30 employees currently but 50 additional people could come to the ranks in the coming months. In this start-up phase, 3 000 used vehicles should be prepared for sale until the end of the year.


IMG 4843 2 300x200-RRG opened a factory VO in the North DepartmentIMG 4717 2 2 1 300x200-RRG opened a factory VO in the North Department

Catherine Leroy – Journalauto.com – RRG launches a factory to prepare the VO in the North

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