Press Release – Equip Auto Lounge 2017

At the heart of the organization and design of the bodies

<strong style="text-align: justify;"><span style="color: #ffcc00; font-size: 18px;"><span style="font-size: 14px;"><span style="color: #fcb131;">WEINMANN Technologies, fabricant de cabines de peinture PREMIUM,  confirme son leadership grâce à ses nouveaux équipements et son expertise dans le  domaine de la carrosserie.</span></span></span></strong>


Weinmann Technologies is at the heart of innovation with the new Amiral BLUE LINE cabin. Manufacturing 100% French, the BLUE LINE Amiral Cabin alone brings together the best of technology, for optimum ease of use and a reduction in energy consumption to this day unsurpassed.


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Weinmann Technologies, ce sont aussi des concepts innovants capables de répondre à tous les  besoins du marché :

  • Speed Line: Traversing paint chain for processing large volumes.
  • One Day Repair: 3-in-1 Concept for the treatment of urban shocks (up to 3 elements).
  • Pain'Touch: Self-contained fast body Station "ideal for spot repair".
  • masoned Laboratory: A fully equipped painting room, capable of supporting cabin equipment and/or preparation areas (which makes it possible to gain at least the surface of a workstation).
  • High Technical area: dedicated mainly to heavy body work on mixed materials (Alu, steel, carbon...)



Sous l’impulsion et l’expertise de son nouveau dirigeant André Courtois, Weinmann Technologies étend ses compétences au domaine de l’organisation et l’optimisation des carrosseries.

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«Before PropoSer our equipments, we define the needs of the customer, the typology and the volumes of repairs, the specificities of its activity, the constraints of the building and its environment, etc...

Thanks to the expertise of our teams and our analytical tools, we are able to evaluate the surfaces, resources and all the equipment and workstations necessary for the production and organization of flows in a body shop or a Reconditioning Center VO. This is what we call “ turnkey solutions” with bespoke equipment capable of tackling even the most difficult situations, where others might throw in the towel!

A very appreciated skill of our customers, but not only! Indeed, it is common during a consultation to find the equipments of our colleagues offered to customers on the basis

of our Projects! Which confirms the quality of our studies.

I am very happy to give a new breath to an Alsatian company that has been able to accompany the car repair throughout its evolution thanks to the quality and reliability Legen

Daire of its products.

"It's the rolls of the paint booths," as the bodybuilders say.

We claim a holistic approach to the bodywork by assuming a high-end positioning of our equipments, and we are proud to accompany the development of serious and professional investors who meet the requirements of repair Car today and for decades to come...


Our partnership with PPG is totally part of this strategy and nobringing together the quality of products and advice provided by PPG and Weinmann enables our clients to benefit from the best solution currently available in terms of results and profitability.

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